Whelping Box Solutions

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EZwhelp offers affordable whelping box designs and sizes to meet the needs of every breeder. From our extra small plastic box to our extra large steel box you will find a box that matches your specific application. All boxes are designed for indoor use only. For a comparison of features, check the table below.

EZclassic Box

You informed and we listened. Our new EZclassic box is easy to assemble, easy to clean, more durable, and stronger – all while maintaining an affordable value. It is perfect for your small to large breeds. It just the right box, whether you are a first time breeder or hobby breeder.

Have multiple dogs/breeds? Try the 3-in-1 EZclassic set. It includes all the parts necessary to set up the 28x28, 38x38, or 48x48 box. Patent Pending.

Fab System Box

Our Fab System steel box provides high end solutions for serious breeders with more advanced requirements. A tough fabric liner wraps steel grid panels to ensure both high strength and convenient cleaning. Expandability is paramount both in terms of additional space and accessories.

Purchase this box if you have a larger breed or you want to satisfy your premium tastes.

Watch our informational videos—and no, the box is not bullet proof but we think you'll get the idea.☺



Help Me Decide Which Box to Buy

EZclassic Box 

(Patent Pending)

Feature / Benefit

Fab System


Great. Injection Mold Plastic
Strength / Rigidity
Excellent. Steel Panel Wire Mesh Frame; 1000D Nylon Fabric Liner

Yes. Liner includes a nylon fabric floor.
Floor Included, with air insulation
Yes. Liner includes a nylon fabric floor/walls. Twin walled corrugated plastic packing material can be used below the liner to provide "dead" air insulation and softness.
EZ2828: 27.5"sq
EZ3838: 38"sq
EZ4848: 48.5"sq
Rooms can be added.
Box Sizes
(Internal Inches)

Fab3x3: 36x36
Fab4x4: 47x47
Fab4x6: 47x71
Fab7x6: 82x71
Rooms can be added.

EZ2828: 18"
EZ3838: 18"
EZ4848: 18"

Wall Height 21.5"

Multiple Doorway Heights

Now Available. 
Transparent Door Option (for side view)
Yes. When heat control, breeze control, and security of opaque walls is no longer needed, liner can be removed from door only, or entire box.
Tiny to Large Breed Sizes Small to XX-Large

Lightweight to heavy (size). But individual panels are not heavy (4 lbs or less). You can easily slide this box, or move it in pieces.
Box is moderately heavy if packed together. But individual panels are not heavy (7 lbs or less). You can easily slide this box, or move it in pieces.

Additional rooms of any side.
Unlimited, and strong
Additional rooms off front and Stackable.
Unlimited, and very strong


More in development. 
Accessories / Options
Also, standard wire cage accessories (feeding bowls, etc.) can be used when the liner is not attached.

Resale Value
Yes (Included.) Rails are Removable Yes. (Rails sold separately)
Very. Liner is machine washable. Wipe plastic (few parts.) Easy to Clean Very. Liner is machine washable. No other cleaning (besides pads) is typically needed.

Easiest design. No tools, no screws/nuts. All parts easily slide together.
Easy to Setup and Take Down Simple Panels. Liner straps to panels.

In R&D. Potential 2021 release. 
Optional Soft-Top Cover

Yes, Fabric Mesh
(except for 7x6 Whopper Box)

Ability to close door between main room and extended areas.

Low/Mid-Range cost. Outstanding Value given EZclassic Modular feature set.

Mid-Range cost. Still, an outstanding value given the Fab System feature set.