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Customer Reviews

EZWhelp is a life saver! Great products, great service and exceptional customer care!! We love them and recommend them HIGHLY! We have Fab systems as well as EZ Classic and lots of pads!!!😊 Happy, happy Pugs due to these folks!! Baxter Family Pugs

- Baxter Family Pugs

I have been a French Bulldog breeder for years and have tried many whelping boxes. EZwhelp is hands down the best quality, easiest to clean and store and really makes the incredibly though job of whelping easier! I also love the lamps, whelping pads and accessories - all still the excellent quality you can expect with EZwhelp. Bold North Frenchies

- Bold North Frenchies

We breed Bernese Mountain dogs and you can see plenty of pictures of this box in use @zandhberners . We have Whelped 2 litters in this system 4x6'. So easy to set up and love the ability to add more rails to make it bigger or take away if you wanted it smaller. The first litter we had an add on room and it was perfect for our large litter to have 2 different areas, especially with clean up.

- Z&H Berners

I found the EZ Whelp system to be fabulously easy to use and clean because of its modular design. The construction and finish are unbeatable; full-length welds and a fantastic finish ensure that it will last a lifetime of use, and its modular design allows for a virtually limitless series of configurations which will suit every conceivable application and need. Add to these customer service that is second to none and you have a winning combination for a top of the line product.

- Mico Nelson, DVM (ret.)

I have these pads in both this size and the larger, rectangular size. They are now all on their 6th litter of puppies and look (and smell!) like new. It's hard to believe with the abuse they get that they have held up so rips, stains, or stink. Can't recommend them highly enough!!!

- Tracy

I’m finding it necessary to send you our sincere praises for your consistent quality and functionality of not only one, but now four, EZwhelp whelping pens. As a dog breeder of nearly 20 years, the whelping pen is the most important part of any kennel. Keeping your puppies, and mom, separate and safe is most important in any breeding program.  EZwhelp has everyone beat, paws down. The set up and breakdown along with ease of storage just about anywhere makes these pens incomparable. Did I include their washable blankets? We have washed and washed the same blankets and padding for over 5 years now and every time out of the dryer they come out looking as new as the first day.  The only complaint we have with our friends at EZ Whelp is they do not help with the daily cleaning up!!!! If you are looking for the highest in quality with a most reasonable price, checkout these guys because they have always believed that quality never goes out of style.

- Michael Grauer

We've raised 4 litters of Bernese Mountain Dogs, and dealt with an impressive amount of mess, both in whelping, and raising puppies to 8 weeks. I found the EZwhelp pads for our 3rd litter, and they made my life SO much easier, that I will never use anything else! This size (47x47") were great for whelping - they fit PERFECTLY in our 4'x4'whelping box, lay nicely and don't curl up or bunch when Mama-dog lays down, and they absorbed liquid quickly, keeping the fluids from soaking through the bottom of the pad. Once all the puppies had arrived, I put down a clean, dry pad, and tossed the used one into the wash with some detergent & vinegar(for smell). It came out perfectly clean, smelling fresh, and no stains. The fabric is great for tiny puppy paws to get a grip for nursing, and easy for them to crawl around on. Once the puppies got bigger, we continued using the pads, more as puppy-accident pads, and they worked amazingly. They hold up with repeated washings - we've washed ours probably 40+ times, and its still awesome. I am very pleased with these pads, and consider this a "must have" in my whelping nursery!

- MamaOf4

This EZwhelp Box (Fab System) was one of the best investments we've made for our mama dogs. So easy to swap liners to keep everyone clean. I also feel better knowing the pups are safe and can't climb out!

- Standing Water Kennels


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