About Us

Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. (Eccl. 11:1)

We are family.  We are friends.  We are EZwhelp.

EZwhelp began as a side business on eBay in the late 1990's. Boyd was servicing computers and Cheryl was cleaning houses. But we had one of those great American seedbeds of business—a garage. Our garage needed a purpose.

So in spite of our Florida heat (and no garage a/c) we joined the throngs of other businesses, in their respective garages. We like to think this puts us in the company of Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, etc. But we know it's not true. Our humble beginning, is still our humble business. And life is good.

Individually and as a company we have been the beneficiaries of good people all around. Mentors, counselors, family workers, and friends have encouraged us and put up with us. We want to respond in kind and do something good in the world.

Fortunately, EZwhelp is in a position to make regular and substantial donations to several animal rescue organizations, including the local Humane Society. And of course, we pick up dogs here and there.

For the sake of our customers, we try to "mind the shop" pretty closely. However, we still manage to find time to enjoy beautiful Florida, those dogs, and each other.

We believe our customers are good people. For those that breed, we expect that they take the responsibility seriously. Few "backyard" breeders are willing to invest in their love of dogs and animals the way our customers do.

Truly, there is a legitimate need for qualified and honest breeders. As for the rest of us (that is most of us), let's just love our dogs. Let's find them in shelters and pounds and abusive hideouts, and let's bring them into our homes and lives.

Mission Statement

Based on the values of virtue and industry, we will adhere to the following principles:

  • We will manufacture and sell quality products
  • We will be honest both with suppliers and customers
  • We will be fair and generous when customers are disappointed
  • We will, as employees, appreciate one another’s worth and inspire each other to improve
  • We will find enjoyment and satisfaction in our work

Meet the Gang

Boyd is the one that first observed that our garage needed a purpose. The family vehicles never forgave him, but the garage felt loved. He brings computer expertise, international business experience, and a little ambition to the enterprise.


Cheryl puts up with Boyd. And she is the quintessential material handler. From receiving, to warehousing, to shipping, and all points between, there is no company without Cheryl. And there is no company like Cheryl's company.


Emma codes and writes and codes. Her college computer science studies supplement her home-grown expertise. She also cuts a lot of whelping box plastic. This woman knows how to use a knife. Don't mess with her.


Katy is our marketing genius. Her skill set includes graphics design, website development, and a stubborn willingness to do the grunt things that need to be doneusually with a smile.

From All of Us. Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We hope you'll find something of use to you on our site. And if you do, we hope you'll share with someone else.