Underpads, for Whelping & Incontinence

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Underpads are an indispensable supply item. They are perfect for floor mats, human incontinence or general animal care and training. EZwhelp's underpads are waterproof and washable. Cost on a per-use basis is lower than disposables (and there is a substantial quality difference).

Multi-Layer Pads

Enjoy our quilted multi-layer pads in which an internal "soaker" wicks fluid away from the top surface. This soaker layer is a special type of batting designed to hold moisture. The bottom layer (the "barrier") is waterproof vinyl to keep things dry underneath the pad.

Laminated Pads

Alternatively we offer laminated pads. These pads use a polyurethane barrier instead of vinyl. Production of polyurethane is more environmentally friendly than polyvinyl (less energy used in production, cleaner, and smaller impact when laundering and disposing). Laminated pads combine topside absorbency with textured backing.

All pads are good for more than one hundred washings.