Fab System Whelping Box Rail Assembly




Rails, also referred to as pig rails, are used to protect the puppies should mom roll over and accidentally smother her babies. When puppies are of sufficient size and strength, rails can be removed to increase internal whelping box space.

Fab System rail assemblies are made from tough and sturdy ABS & PVC plastic, making them durable and easy to clean. Internal rib reinforcement minimizes bowing. Adjustable "legs" (for the 4x4 and 4x6 rails) allows the breeder to set and vary the rail height as appropriate for breed size.  The 3x3 does not come with adjustable legs as they are generally not needed with smaller breeds. 

Young canine puppies (like human babies) tend to crawl themselves into corners and get stuck. The 45 degree angular placement of the legs prevents this from happening--puppies are steered away from corners.

This rail assembly includes all rails, corner pieces, and fastening hardware.

Select matching size, Fab 3x3, Fab4x4 or Fab4x6.

Outer dimensions of rail assembly:
Fab 3x3: 34.63" x 34.63" 
Fab 4x4: 46.11" x 46.11"
Fab 4x6: 46.11" x 70.11"