EZclassic Whelping Box w/Rails *NEW*




Our EZclassic Whelping Box is sold complete with our new rail assembly, front panel with 2 piece door, one washable/reusable absorbent pad, and one heavy duty canvas floor liner. Wall panel height = 18 inches. (Patent Pending)

  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Easy to assemble - no tools required
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to take down and store for next litter

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(A one page set of instructions is included with the EZclassic Whelping Box.)

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3-in-1 Whelping Box: If you have multiple breeds of dogs, try our our EZclassic 3-in-1 box.  The 3-in-1 box is a 48"x48" whelping box at its largest, with the rails, pads, and liners to make the 38"x38" and 28"x28" EZclassic Boxes.  The smaller boxes are made by removing a 10" panel from each side for the 38"x38" box and two 10" panels for the 28"x28" box. ***NOTE*** The 3-in-1 Whelping Box is only 1 box, no add-on rooms.

Add-on rooms: Add-on rooms are available and 100% modular in design. You can add any number of rooms, and with enough panels you can make any size. Plan out your own add-on space and purchase the parts you need here->

Play Yard set up (Pictured Below): If you would like a 'play yard' set up pictured below, you will need 1 x EZclassic Whelping Box + 2 x add-on rooms of the same size + 1 extra post

PICTURE ABOVE is a Play Yard set up - EZclassic 38"x38" box with two 38"x38" add-on rooms and an extra post (Heat Combo sold separately.) It is NOT a 3-in-1 Box.

Our EZwhelp Fab Box is great for large breeds→