Fab System 7x6 Whopper Box




Need big?

For those familiar with our popular line of Fab System whelping boxes, this is the whopper! Its 7x6 ft area provides ample room for big moms, big puppies, and big humans. Wall height is the same as our Fab 4x4 and 4x6 boxes, 21.5 inches.

Generally, it is the same as our smaller Fab Systems with some minor exceptions explained below. It is expandable at the front panel (both 4x4 and 4x6 add-on rooms will attach). And it features the same modular wire panels, heavy duty liner, and washable whelping pad design. Corner suspension rods, corner seats, and similar accessories will work with the whopper.

Unlike the 4x4 and 4x6 sizes, the whopper does not ship with a corrugated plastic packing that can be used as a sub-floor and there is no optional rail assembly or cover. However, rails can easily be cut from standard lumber and joined with our corner fixtures as shown in the accompanying picture. Corner fixtures are sold separately.

The liner can be washed in most home washing machines--but the fit is often snug. Buyers may prefer to use a laundry mat.

If you need space, this is the big daddy for your big mama.

*FREE standard shipping when shipped within the Contiguous U.S.

NOTE: The whopper box does not come with separate instructions. For assembly, use the standard 4x4/4x6 Fab System instructions and adjust per the accompanying "exploded" view on this page.