EZclassic Whelping Box (original PVC rails)




This box comes with the OLD PVC rail set up.  Product is discontinue.  Available while supplies last. 

This whelping box is sold complete with rails*, one absorbent pad, and one heavy duty canvas floor liner. Wall height = 18 inches. (Patent Pending)

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(A one page set of instructions is included with the EZclassic Whelping Box.)

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Moulded Plastic. The walls are made by injection moulding. The plastic is tough and light while providing great wall strength and rigidity. Walls are connected with a very high strength extruded plastic post. Under normal use, your box will serve for multiple litters. 

Cleaning. Clean the plastic with general purpose detergents and disinfectants, including bleach. This material, used together with our whelping pads, will ensure that your box is clean and tidy throughout the whelping process. The use of our washable pads will significantly reduce your cleanup effort.  The liner that is included is also machine washable and water resistant. 

Add-on rooms. Add-on rooms are available and 100% modular in design.  You can add any number of rooms, and with enough panels you can make any size.  If you would like a 'play yard' size, you will need 2 add-on rooms + 1 extra post. Plan out your own add-on space and purchase all the parts you need here->

Play Yard Pictured Below

Picture above is an EZclassic 38"x38" box with two 38"x38" add-on rooms and an extra post. 

3-in-1 Whelping Box. If you have multiple breeds of dogs, try our our EZclassic 3-in-1 box.  The 3-in-1 box is a 48"x48" whelping box with the rails, pads, and liners to make the 38"x38" and 28"x28" EZclassic Boxes.  The smaller boxes are made by removing a 10" panel from each side for the 38"x38" box and two 10" panels for the 28"x28" box.

******Note****** you can only make one box at a time with the 3-in-1 box. 

Size Consideration. Moulded plastic boxes are usually not suitable for large, heavy breeds such as German Shepherd Dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc. Generally, bitches should be smaller than 60-65 lbs. But this weight guideline may vary depending on the temperament of the bitch. 

*NOTICE: The EZclassic Whelping Boxes old pig rail design may not be suitable for all breeds and size of puppies.  Some breeders have expressed safety concerns over the current rail design; therefore, we at EZwhelp have redesigned the rails and are now available here.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions.  

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