Corner Pieces for Whelping Box Rails




If you order our Fab System rail assembly, you do NOT need these corner pieces (the rail assembly comes complete with everything you need to insert rails into your whelping box).

Order the complete Fab System rail assembly here →

However, for those that prefer do-it-yourself rails or those looking to save shipping money on rails, these 4 corners allow you to easily make your own rails from standard wooden 2x4 studs.

These moldings are specially designed to keep puppies from getting stuck in whelping box corners. Angled legs steer puppies away.

Four ABS plastic corners are included with this purchase. Screws and nuts are not included.

Use with the Fab Box, the Classic Value Box, or any whelping box!

If using with our Fab Systems, we recommend these 2x4 lumber lengths:

Fab4x4: 4 rails @38.75 inches
Fab4x6: 2 rails @38.75 inches; 2 rails @62.75 inches
Fab7x6: 2 rails @74.00 inches; 2 rails @62.75 inches