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Whelping Boxes. In the picture below, the breeder selected a large box to give her mama ample space with her pups. The box is lined with pads and very clean.

Whelping Pen with Whelping Pads

Some breeders prefer a box that is less spacious. One method of selecting a box size is to consider the spatial area taken by the mama when she lies down fully stretched out. Then compare that rectangular dimension to size of our whelping boxes.

Bitch Nursing Whelps in Whelping Box

EZwhelp. For your mama.

Welcome to EZwhelp.com. Puppies? Pregnant dog? Looking for underpads? Here you will find supplies and resources to assist you in whelping your litter or caring for your loved ones. Our goal is to provide you with good value and excellent service. Learn about whelping, dog breeding, waterproof pads, training pads, and more. Click on an image below to browse our store.

Used Reclaimed UnderpadsWashable Waterproof Underpads
Used Pads. Environmentally minded? There is no better value than our reclaimed washable underpads. Obtained from various care facilities, these used pads have been professionally laundered and are ready for their next life! Many grades available.

New Pads. Underpads are an indispensable supply item. Have some pads on hand for whelping, puppy care, incontinent pets, and human use. Cost on a per-use basis is lower than disposables (and there is a substantial quality difference).

EZwhelp Whelping BoxesEZwhelp Whelping Supplies
EZwhelp whelping boxes are known for their light weight and simplicity. No tools required. Easy disassembly and storage until the next litter.Whelping Supplies. Breeding dogs? From feeding kits to forceps to milk replacer, we have you covered.

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Thanks for visiting EZwhelp.com! We appreciate your interest and your business. Our goal is to offer good products at good prices to good customers. When we fall short we hope that you will not hesitate to tell us. Although we cannot always make changes to our products and business practices, we do listen and we seek to continually improve.

We make regular and substantial donations to several animal service organizations, including the local Humane Society. We are often asked to make additional contributions to good causes, but we must ask that we limit our charities to local groups.

EZwhelp.com is family owned and operated by Boyd and Cheryl of Valethics, Inc. For the sake of our customers, we try to "mind the shop" pretty closely. However, we still manage to find time to enjoy beautiful Florida--and our family.

We hope you'll find something here that will be of value to you. And, if you do, we hope that you'll tell somebody else about it. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or nice things to say to us.


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