Grade B Used Pad, White Top


Sizes on these pads are approximate (may vary +/- 2 inches).

Grade B: These pads may have some minor wear and stains. Some holes are likely but they would be small and few.

Our used pads are genuine industrial underpads. They were used in various care facilities and have been professionally laundered. Unless stated otherwise, colors may vary. We grade each pad according to its condition. 

If waterproofing is important, please buy our new pads. Even the better grades of our used pads will sometimes have tiny holes (not necessarily visible) that compromise the pads' waterproof integrity.

Use these pads for:

  • Whelping
  • Kennel pads
  • Animal beds (dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, etc.)
  • Furniture & car protection from pets
  • Shop & mechanical work
  • Great for any mess...

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