Classic Value Whelping Box


*After many years, the Classic Value Whelping Box design is retiring due to the launch of our new EZclassic Whelping Box.  We thank all of our wonderful customers that have purchased this design. Quantity is limited.  Only available while supplies last.

**All sales of the Classic Value boxes are final. No returns/refunds. 

38x38 with extension - SOLD OUT

48x48 with extension - SOLD OUT

This whelping box is sold complete with rails and one absorbent pad. The 3838 and 4848 sizes also include 4 corner braces.

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Corrugated Plastic. The walls of our whelping boxes are not rigid. Corrugated plastic (polypropylene) is flexible, but tough and light. EZwhelp boxes are value-oriented boxes emphasizing high strength to weight ratios. Under normal use, your box will serve for multiple litters.

Cleaning. Clean the plastic with general purpose detergents and disinfectants, including bleach. This material used together with our whelping pads will ensure that your box is clean and tidy throughout the whelping process. The use of our washable pads will significantly reduce your cleanup effort.

Extension. An extension wall may be purchased with the whelping box. The extended area is not framed and does not include a floor. We recommend using one of EZwhelp's pads to use as a floor. Place the extension walls on top of an over-sized pad.

Extension area sizes and suggested pads (sold separately):

Size Consideration. Corrugated plastic boxes are usually not suitable for large or heavy breeds such as German Shepherd Dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc. Generally, bitches should be smaller than 60 lbs. But this weight guideline may vary depending on the temperament of the bitch. 

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