International Shipping

Due to global events, our international shipping facility is closing its doors and will no longer be offering us international shipping.  We are very sorry for this unfortunate situation and we hope to find another option in the near future. 

Our best recommendation for international shipping is to choose a package forwarding company.  With package forwarding companies, you will be able to set up an account and they will provide you with a US shipping address.  Place an order on our website with that shipping address and we can fulfill the order.  

When the order arrives to the package forwarder, they will process the packages for international shipping.  You will work out the international shipping costs and payment with them.  


Some important information regarding international shipping: if you are ordering any of the following items, there is a $150 shipping charge increase because of the items weight or package dimensions. 

     -     7'x6' Fab System Whopper Box (78 lbs)

     -     4'x6' Fab System Rail Assembly Kit (63 inches long)