Underpads, Used

Our reclaimed pads are gleaned from care facility discards only after professional laundering. They are carefully graded and sold according to condition. When you buy pads this way, you are getting an excellent value. Please note that our used pads will never be perfectly waterproof--even higher grades may have tiny holes.

Use higher grade reclaimed pads for:

  • Puppy training, housebreaking pee pads
  • Incontinent senior dogs & animals
  • Human incontinence
  • Baby & toddler care
  • Bedding / diaper changing
  • Wheelchair pads

Use lower grade reclaimed pads for:

  • Whelping
  • Kennel pads
  • Animal beds (dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, etc.)
  • Furniture & car protection from pets
  • Shop & mechanical work
  • Great for any mess...

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See what our buyers say!

"Arrived today. Thanks very much for a quality product for such a reasonable price. My greyhound has advanced kidney disease and is incontinent. The disposables have been breaking the bank and the "new" pads are too costly. Glad I found you. Thanks again." --PA

"I have a veterinary clinic for dogs, cats, and exotics. We really like the pads to use in the bottoms of cages, especially in the surgery/recovery area. The pads launder well, better than towels." --UT