Heating Combo for EZclassic Whelping Boxes





This heating package ships with a suspension rod, one 175w Infrared PAR bulb, a light duty carabiner, and a Primo heat lamp. Use this combo with the EZclassic Whelping Boxes (ALL sizes.)  

Lamp to ground distance, approximately 20 inches (or 22 without carabiner).

    CautionTo ensure safety please inspect the plug and all connections. The area directly under the lamp will usually be about 10-15 degrees F above non-heated areas.

    Overheating puppies is dangerous. This combo is intended to confine the heat to a corner space in your whelping box to allow escape. Observe behavior of puppies for too much heat. Area under lamp will be dryer, beware dehydration. Do not place combustible objects (e.g. newspapers, etc.) near lamp space.

    Do not over tighten bulbs.  This can lead to cracked bulbs or cause the bulbs to short the circuit.