Washable Dog Diaper, 2-Pack


NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot help you with sizing for your dog. Please do not ask us to do this. If you are not completely comfortable with the belly circumference guidance above, you may do better to purchase at a local pet store where you can visually check the merchandise.

  • Use for dogs with incontinence problems (when using with males, purchase larger size from complete coverage)
  • Use when away from home
  • Use for females when in heat
  • Use to deter males from marking their territory

EZwhelp Diapers are waterproof and washable through many cycles. An internal pad soaks in fluids. Pre-wash once to initialize absorbency.

  1. Diapers wrap around and through your dog's hind quarters. Velcro capped wings reach up and around her waist to fasten above. The PUL cover is waterproof and fitted with an absorbent internal pad.
  2. Elastic sewing precludes leakage and ensures a snug fit. Internal mesh fabric draws moisture away from your dog.
  3. A ribbed knit collar adds comfort and flexibility to the tail hole. The diaper is easily fixed to the tail with a cord lock.