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Thanks to nature, puppy birthing will often proceed with minimal assistance. But successful breeding requires careful planning and attentive notes. Keep detailed records before and after the whelping process.

Puppy Birth Record for Whelping
Whelping Chart
(Puppy Birth Record)

Perpetual Puppy Birth Chart
63 Day Perpetual Birth Chart

Whelping Litter Weight Chart
Litter Weight Record

Basset Nursing in Whelping Box

Mama knows best.

This whelping timeline is a collection of breeding and whelping links on the internet. It covers a sample gestation and delivery period beginning on January 1, 2010. The timeline will direct our viewers to reputable sources of information on the internet.

Click the "plus" buttons at the bottom of the Timeline to open more time detail, or use the vertical scale at the left. Click and drag as needed to discover images and links.

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