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Thanks to nature, puppy birthing will often proceed with minimal assistance. But successful breeding requires careful planning and attentive notes. Keep detailed records before and after the whelping process.

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Build Your Own Whelping Box

Whelping Box Construction for Designing Breeders

Kent Akselsen, of McEmn Great Danes, has come up with a wonderful whelping box design for "do-it-yourself-ers" with large breeds. His whelping box plan is not only functional and robust but his step by step instructions are clear and well illustrated. Moreover, these plans are free and breeders are welcome to modify them.

We thank him and McEmn Great Danes for sharing their expertise.

Because this box is designed specifically for Great Danes it is five feet square. The design can be adjusted for smaller breeds. A layout of 4' x 5' would match EZwhelp's large pad sizes.

We include a few images here from his tutorial. You will find his complete set of plans and instructions at:

Kent includes all hardware and tool details. All diagrams (and there are many of them) are completely dimensioned.

McEmm Mark III Whelping Box Construction Plans (A Sampling):

Hardware list from McMaster-Carr Supply Co.

Part Number





Steel Three-Sided Corner Brace Zinc-Plated, 4" Length Of Sides, 7/8" Width



Steel Tee Nut Zinc-Plated, 10-24 Internal Thread, 7/16" High Barrel, 3 Prong
You will actually need about 52 Tee Nuts.



Stainless Steel Button Head Socket Cap Screw 10-24 Thread, 5/8" Length
You will actually need about 40.



Stainless Steel Button Head Socket Cap Screw 10-24 Thread, 1-1/4" Length
You will actually need about 8.  If you can find an equivalent screw at your local hardware store, you might save a few dollars. You may also use these screws as feet and handles when you are varnishing the side panels.

Hardware is listed in detail, and tools are also described complete with images.

Whelping Box Plans
Diagrams are clearly labeled.

Corners have seats for breeder convenience. 
Whelping Box Corner
The McEmn website welcomes builders to share modifications and contribute photos. 

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