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Bitch Nursing Puppies

Bitch in Whelping Box Nursing Puppies

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Reclaimed (Used) Pads

EZwhelp Whelping PadsOur reclaimed pads are genuine industrial underpads. They were used in various care facilities and have been professionally laundered. We grade (and price) each pad according to its condition. Please carefully review the grade variations before ordering.

When you purchase these pads you are getting a great value. Similar pads sell for much more at retail prices. We are confident that you will be pleased with your purchase of reclaimed pads. However, since colors and design details will vary, we cannot guarantee that you will get the same type that you received "last time." Unless otherwise stated below, all our used pads will have white quilted tops.

Shipping discounts apply to all pads.

Reclaimed (Used) Underpads
Size*StainsHoles (on Bottom)WearNotesOrder
111P-273230x32Negligible or NoneNegligibleNegligible or NonePlaid Top, Best QualityOut of Stock ($6.95)
111-273230x32Negligible or NoneNegligibleNegligible or NoneBest Quality
222B-273230x32Minimal or NoneMinimal or NoneMinimal or NoneColored Top (for Soil Detection)
222-273230x32Minimal or NoneMinimal or NoneMinimal or NoneMost popular, Best Value
222-333833x38Minimal or NoneMinimal or NoneMinimal or NoneLargeOut of Stock ($6.45)
111L-273230x32Negligible or NoneNegligibleNegligible or NoneGood Quality, but Lightest Weight
131-273230x32Negligible or NoneSomeNegligible or None 
311-273230x32Large/Dark or LessNegligibleNegligible Out of Stock ($3.45)
Some or LessMinimal or NoneMinimal or NoneLaminated, Light Weight, Green Top, Blue Bottom
233-LWH27x30Minimal or NoneSome or LessMultiple "runs" or LessLaminated, Heavy WeightOut of Stock ($2.75)
233-273230x32Minimal or NoneSomeSome or Less 
222-193319x33Minimal or NoneMinimal or NoneMinimal or None Out of Stock ($3.75)
222-182918x30Minimal or NoneMinimal or NoneMinimal or None2 of 4 corners may be rounded

* Sizes of our reclaimed pads are approximate and may vary by 2 inches in each direction.

 ALL shipping quotes are applicable to continental US 48 states only. Additional shipping payment is required for Alaska and Hawaii (please contact us prior to ordering). We do not ship internationally (including Canada). Please note that shipping charges for whelping boxes, exercise pens, and gates are calculated per item. Shipping for our other products is calculated (and discounted) by dollar amount.

Use these pads for:
  • Whelping
  • Dog Wee Wee Pads / Piddle Pads
  • Dog Incontinence Pads
  • and more...

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