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Thanks to nature, puppy birthing will often proceed with minimal assistance. But successful breeding requires careful planning and attentive notes. Keep detailed records before and after the whelping process.

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Puppy Birth Record
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Litter Weight Record

Basset Hounds Nursing in Whelping Box

Mama knows best.

EZwhelp boxes are light, portable, easily cleaned, and economical.

The video above shows assembly for the Small size whelping box. Assembly for other sizes varies, but is similar in concept.

The animation video above is an EZwhelp Large whelping box. Colors have been adjusted for viewing clarity. Rails are optional, but not shown in the animation.

Medium EZwhelp Box
More pictures here.
Think inside the box.
  • Rails are available for extra puppy protection.
  • Optional extension walls give puppies more space.
  • Simple transport and storage (light weight).
  • Easy set-up & easy take-down (no tools required).
  • Washable corrugated plastic and vinyl framing. Sturdy & durable.
  • One free matching pad included with every box!
Give your mama an EZwhelp whelping box.

Cater to your mama's den instinct and give her a good nest. Make it comfortable and familiar to her before she delivers. Use EZwhelp waterproof pads for comfort and protection in your box. They are great for mama and the pups, and they make cleanup much easier.
EZwhelp. Mama knows best.
Whelping Box Sizes
  • XX-Small: 20" x 26.5" x 12"
  • X-Small: 26.5" x 31.5" x 13"
  • Small: 34" x 36" x 17"
  • Medium: 41" x 41" 17"
  • Large: 46.5" x 46.5" x 17"

The floor area of each box is approximately doubled with use of the optional extension wall.

Entrance & Exit. All whelping boxes feature sliding "guillotine" type doors for your mama's convenience.

This allows for four EZwhelp door configurations: 1) no door (completely open), 2) full door (completely closed), 3) low step-over door, and 4) high step-over door.

Whelping Box Extension Wall or Weaning PenExtension Walls. The footprints below show the basic whelping box sizes (approximate scale)  with optional extension walls attached. For Medium and Large sizes multiple extension walls can be attached (as shown for the Medium size). The extension walls do not have floors and are not rigid. Check pricing and order extension walls with your whelping box in our store.

Puppy Weaning Pens
Looking for puppy Exercise Pens or Gates? Check our pens and gates page.

Whelping Box Pig RailsPVC Pig Rails. Rails are used, particularly for larger breeds, to protect the puppies. Mamas sometimes roll over on their pups and inadvertently hurt them. The rails are set a few inches away from the wall.  This gives the puppies a "get away" space. Mom is deterred from laying on them and the puppies get some smaller space of their own.

Our optional rail kit is comprised of PVC fittings and 3/4 inch furniture grade piping pre-cut to match our boxes. The pieces require simple assembly. No cutting or gluing is required. The Large and Medium rails include wooden dowels inserted inside the piping for added strength.

We recommend rails for box sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

Unlike common "shelf rails" (rails which have a flat surface) your puppies will not be using these rails as "steps" to view the outside world--or steps to escape over the edge of your whelping box. But mama may use them to rest her head.

Order the pig rails with a whelping box, or separately in our store.

Whelping Box Front DoorTransparent Front Door. No need to look over the whelping box walls with this optional see-through front door. You've earned a break. Sit down on your couch and watch your puppies through this clear acrylic front door.

This full height 5/16" transparent front door slides down into the door grooves of our Small, Medium, and Large size whelping boxes. You (and your puppies) will be delighted.

Order your clear acrylic front door on our whelping supplies page.

Corrugated Plastic used in Whelping BoxesCorrugated Plastic. The walls of our whelping boxes are not rigid. Corrugated plastic (polypropylene) is flexible, but tough and light. EZwhelp boxes are value-oriented boxes emphasizing high strength to weight ratios. Under normal use, your box will serve for many litters.

Clean the plastic with general purpose detergents and disinfectants, including bleach. This material used together with our whelping pads will ensure that your box is clean and tidy throughout the whelping process. The use of our washable pads will dramatically reduce your cleanup effort.

More whelping box images here.

Dear EZwhelp.  "I really wanted to thank you for building an easy, safe, clean, affordable and functional whelping box. It would have been impossible to birth my puppies without your box, extension wall, and rail kit. We were blessed with 2 gorgeous Yorkie puppies and the box was their home for 2 months. Also, Roxy, the mama pup, loved nursing the puppies and
sleeping with them in the box as well."  -NJ


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